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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

“When you write and publish an expert book
and use it to grow your business,
you can automate attracting perfect customers
and never have to do sales and marketing again.”

Bob Burnham

A multiple-time bestselling author and 7-figure entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of clients transform their businesses with his cutting-edge publishing system. 

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Bob is a Multiple 7-figure entrepreneur obsessed with time, location and money freedom.  Having built fire and flood restoration business to 26 locations and 600 employees and doing over 30 million in sales before he was 30, he now channels that wisdom into publishing books that kick people’s businesses into overdrive.

A Speaker and Author he was motivated to help others because he first built a successful career in real estate by doing what industry insiders said he couldn’t do.   His companies earned over $50 Million in sales in a two-year span generating recurring revenue all while Mangat worked only 20 hours a week. He’s been featured on and dozens of other local and internationally recognized media outlets.

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Dr. Paul Newton

Discovered early on in practice as a chiropractor, that passion alone did not attract new patients. He now shares his old-school methods that put sakes and marketing on autopilot so he can stay focused on what he loves to do. 


Dr. Paul is a chiropractor and expert in the emotional energy that drives people to action.  Over 19 years with patients gives him a knack for finding the exact words that resonate with their pain and makes them say yes to the solution to their problem.  His sales copy breakthrough resulted in his per client sale going from $45 to $25,000.

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