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FACT: Leads from the 'RIGHT' book will, spend 3X more, stay 3X longer, and refer 10X more often."


-Bob Burnham



Expert Author Press is the publishing company for business owners, professionals, and experts who know that a book is a next step in their professional advancement.


Whether you’re a good writer, a terrible writer or you’re overwhelmed by the whole concept of writing a book, we have a solution for you. We offer packages that range from design, layout, and publishing for people with completed manuscripts to full-on ghostwriting for busy people who don’t have the time to write. If you want to write your own book, but don’t know where to start, let us coach you and hold your hand through the process from the moment you write your first word to the glorious day that your book is delivered to your door.


At Expert Author Press, we know that writing a book is a big investment. We understand that you expect a return on that investment. That’s why we make sure that you are writing the RIGHT BOOK that makes money for you in your business. Before we even let our authors start writing, we spend hours making sure that we have positioned them as the leading expert to their ideal client and that their book provides a solution that their perfect customer values enough to invest heavily in.


If you’re ready to launch your business to the next level with an expert book, we’re here to help. Talk to us about the package that is right for you and let us guide you through the steps to becoming a well paid, published author.





I didn’t have 1000 hours to spend writing. Bob and Dr. Paul’s system made it fast and easy. Since I wrote my expert book, my business has tripled



When it comes to becoming the best selling author, Bob knows how to pull all the pieces together, help you get that book done and market-ready. I can’t imagine having launched my first self-published best seller so fast without him and his team. They made it simple and actually, fun! Bob’s support resulted in a book in my hand and best selling author status on my resume.


Author/Business Owner

I’d been trying to write a book for a couple of years and was getting nowhere. Bob and Paul helped me get focused and write a book that gave me the biggest return. Instead of writing a complete piece of crap, they helped me write a book that generated 170K of new business within 6 months of starting up.



Writing a book had been on my to-do list for decades, but the concept was overwhelming. Bob and Paul gave me the confidence and support that I needed to get it done. Being a published author has increased my credibility and has extended my awareness in the public space when I speak on stage.



I felt a deep sense of pride the moment I had our book in my hands. These guys went above and beyond to understand the way we wanted to uplevel our niche and made sure our book reflected it. We looked at cheaper and more expensive options. They were right in the sweet spot and their system handles everything, start to finish. People are definitely holding us in higher regard and we’re closing more business because of it.




“I read Bob’s book on my flight home to London and knew by page 18 that I needed his help writing my book. I was delighted with the results! Speaking with my book has yielded multiple payoffs of over $100,000.00” 

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