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Bob Mangat

Tripled My Business!

"I didn’t have 1000 hours to spend writing. Bob and Dr. Paul’s system made it fast and easy. Since I wrote my expert book, my business has tripled"


kay white

"I read Bob’s book on my flight home to London and knew by page 18 that I needed his help writing my book. I was delighted with the results! Speaking with my book has yielded multiple payoffs of over $100,000.00"


lisa sasevich

Fastest Path to #1 BestSeller! "When it comes to becoming a best selling author, Bob knows how to pull all the pieces together, help you get that book done and market ready. I can't imagine having launched my first self-published best seller so fast without him and his team. They made it simple and actually, fun! Bob's support resulted in a book in my hand and best selling author status on my resume."